Hotel Torremayor - Providencia, Santiago, Chile
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Hotel Torremayor supports Unicef

UNICEF in Chile works for more than 5 million children and teen-agers living in the country, so that they can have better opportunities and promotes children rights, with programs aimed at:

- Ensure that all children without distinction, have access to quality education.

- Promoting care on each of the environments surrounding the child: family, school, community and society at large.

- Supporting parents in parenting, to motivate and stimulate the development of the capacities of their children in an atmosphere of affection and protection.

Everyone can help!

We shall charge $ 1 to the account for Unicef

When you check out, you can increase the amount of your donation or request it to be removed.


Our hotel participates in a campaign to recycle used oil

Why recycle used oil?

The residue of used oil is now a major cause of pollution of urban wastewater.

It promotes the development of technologies for the production of biofuels, helps directly to the negative impacts of water pollution.

Reduces the risk of clogging sewers and stormwater drains.

Hotel Torremayor
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