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Hall Directory

Concordia Hall also provides a special place for workshops, meetings, special meetings, training and small events. Its maximum capacity is 35 people.

Here you can make your social events and meetings where we will put at your disposal the necessary advice in banquets to make your activities a great success, enjoying the excellent cuisine that we have prepared specially to please you and with a service dedicated to your requirements.

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Measures: 34 square meters
Length 6.1 meters
Width 5.6 meters
Height 2.3 meters

Capacity (number of people)
Banquet 25
Cocktail 35
School 16
Theater 35
Table "U" 18
Imperial Table 12

  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • TV
  • Video
  • Amplification
  • Multimedia Projector Simultaneous Translation
  • Telephony